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As Promised--September Excerpt

Jul 12, 2005

Midsummer greetings!

Even as I get ever more deeply immersed in the new WIP
(that's Work In Progress)I'm enjoying a gorgeous Minnesota
summer, with the pontoon on the water, horses slicked off
and sassy, yard in full bloom.

But the web site calls, and I have the answer. Less than
two months to wait for the release of A VIEW OF THE RIVER,
so we're offering a sample at www.kathleeneagle.com.
Normally I choose the prologue or a bit of Chapter 1, but
this time you'll get a scene from Chapter 2. I thought it
was the perfect teaser. Check it out, and I think you'll
see why.

I've also added to my Barbie collection page, and as soon
as I find the time I'll do that Eagle Album some readers
have asked for. The message board boasts lots of
interesting discussion, so do add your thoughts and
suggestions. I'm doing some local appearances this fall,
and those are listed as soon as they're scheduled. I'm
saving mid-October for a 35th wedding anniversary trip to
Hawaii. It's all planned! Sure beats our one-night
honeymoon at the Wrangler Motel in Mobridge SD. I plan to
put a wedding photo on that Eagle Album page.

Be sure to visit www.midwestfiction.com for suggestions for
great July reads and news from the terrific writers' group
to which I proudly belong.

I hope you're enjoying summer as much as we are. Do spread
the word--September 1 is A VIEW OF THE RIVER DAY, and first
week sales are so very important in the life of a book--not
to mention the author. Thanks for your interest in my
books, and keep reading!

All my best,