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The Eagles Have a New Baby

Jun 6, 2005

Hello from the Eagles' Nest!

It's a boy! He's a black (or bay) and white tobiano paint
Tennessee Walking Horse. We took a trip to SD, where we
keep most of our horses, to see our new boy. Pictures are
available at www.kathleeneagle.com, along with pictures of
us out on Lake Minnetonka in our pontoon. I've also added
a few photos of more of my vintage Barbie dolls. These
were taken in my garden.

But the most interesting page on the web site might be the
new "What's Next?" page, featuring the back cover copy from
A VIEW OF THE RIVER (9/05 release from Mira Books) and a
photo of an old postcard that plays a role in the book.
What's the role? You'll have to read the book, of course,
but when you do, you will have seen the actual postcard.
Next month I plan to add an excerpt to the site, so do stay

Man, oh, man, it's hard to write in the summer. I'm
working on a new book now--no title yet--but it's in the
early stages. I have to get a good handle on the
characters before I can suggest a title. We're enjoying
lovely gardening-boating-horsing around weather, so I
really have to discipline myself. I hope you'll stop in at
www.kathleeneagle.com and www.midwestfiction.com to see
what's going on in my part of the world. Another
suggestion: visit my friend Lois at www.loisgreiman.com
and check out the excerpt from her first mystery/romantic
suspense novel, UNZIPPED, which just hit the stores. Lois
is a fellow writer, horse-lover, and Minnesotan. I haven't
read her new book yet, but it's getting great reviews and
sounds like a fun summer read.

Until next month, enjoy lots of good books!
Kathleen Eagle