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Kathleen Eagle's Becoming-more-frequent Newsletter

May 12, 2005

Dear friends,

I don't have much news, but I wanted to invite you to visit
kathleeneagle.com and peruse the updates. There's a new
discussion guide for THE NIGHT REMEMBERS. I continue to
show off my Barbie collection, and with over 50 vintage
dolls and a growing pile of clothes, I'll be dressing and
photographing dolls until the cows come home. And I've
added more family photos. By popular request, I will be
putting together a montage of "down memory lane" photos
sometime this summer.

Let's see...news. My Tennesee Walker, Superstar, had her
baby last week. It's a boy! I'll be showing him off soon,
too--a black and white paint. The book I'm working on now
features another Indian cowboy--one of my favorite kinda
guys--and hiring a "horse hauler" to bring Superstar to
Minnesota from way out in Oregon sparked ideas for some of
the details in this story. It's in the early stages, so
hard to talk about, but more later.

I hope you're enjoying the rites of spring. Ours include a
little flower gardening, getting the pontoon unwrapped and
back into the water, and heading out to South Dakota for
Memorial Day. But tomorrow I'll be packing my weekend bag
and for a trip to Nebraska with my friend and fellow writer
Lois Greiman, whose UNZIPPED, a mystery from Bantam, will
hit bookstore shelves at the end of this month. Lois is
well-known for her historical romances set in Scotland.
She's really excited about this book. Anyhoo, we're
attending a big confab hosted by the Omaha and Lincoln
librarians this weekend. If you're in the Lincoln area,
there's a book signing open to the public. Details at
www.kathleeneagle.com. And don't forget to visit
www.midwestfiction.com for more book news from Minnesota

Happy Reading!
Kathleen Eagle