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It's a great time to take a ride!

Apr 28, 2021

Dear friends--
Up here in the north county we've mostly enjoyed our traditionally wackiest season. That would be Spring. Last week we had 70s one day, snowflakes the next. But if the latest weather forecasts continue to bear out, this weekend I'm going to plant the herbs I brought home from Trader Joe's too early. I couldn't resist. I do that every year. The scent of basil, a bowl of purple pansies. Come on, pale sunshine. Bring us the freshness and fragility of the fickle season. Bring spring.
How about some spring reading? I'm half way through Ron Chernow's 800+ page biography, ALEXANDER HAMILTON. Fascinating, masterfully written, the book is turning names I know from text books into people I can see, hear, and follow in and out of events I thought I knew and watch them plant the seeds of a nation. Real people. Imagine that. I give the book five out of five stars.
Are you in the mood to RIDE A PAINTED PONY? For two more days--through April 30--and $.99 you can mount up on e-reader and take a RIDE on one of my RITA award nominees, really one of my best. On May Day the price goes back up to $5.99. Take a look at the excerpt: https://www.kathleeneagle.citymax.com/RAPPmain.html
That and more including retailer links at kathleeneagle.com. Here's the Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M0M4R3N
If you don't have an e-reader, you can download the Amazon Kindle reader for free.
NIGHT FALLS LIKE SILK will go on sale in e-format starting May 16 for 2 weeks for $.99.
Be well, fellow book lover. May you find flowers at your door--or your version of Trader Joe's--on May Day!