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A Year For the Books

Jun 17, 2020

Dear fellow book lover:

A bit of lyric from "Unchained Melody," one of my favorite songs, certainly rings true in 2020. "Time goes by so slowly, and time can mean so much." These have been difficult days, but we have reason to hope that we'll come through this time having found ways to make the world a better place.

Many of us will have lost an acquaintance, a friend, perhaps a loved one, but we will have celebrated recoveries, too, and lessons learned, and good memories made even during the worst of times. I cherish the messages Anne Frank left for us in her diary: "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” And “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”

Among our heroes these days, doctors and nurses are top of my list. Such courage! And I'm impressed by a new generation--my granddaughter's Class of 2020--who show us how to rise above disappointment, speak truth to power, get ready to bring about change for the better.

In the years to come it would be interesting to see how History reports 2020, describes it, explains it after we're long gone. The ebb and flow of time will finally bring objectivity to the fore. In the living years we watch, and we read, and we share our experiences. May our diaries and journals be as perceptive as Anne Frank's.

And speaking of history...
I'm late with my regular announcement of a sale price on one of my books. The good news is that PRIVATE TREATY is still on sale as of today for $.99 in e-format through all the major e-book outlets. It's a historical novel, set on Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation in the mid 1890's. For the Lakota people, it was a hard time. But the story is a romance, so you know there will be heroes who find ways to forge ahead in the hope of making their world a better place.

Please check out the blurb and the excerpt on my website at http://www.kathleeneagle.com/private-treaty_1.html where you'll find links to most of those outlets. Here's the Amazon link: https://tinyurl.com/PTKE1

I wish you and yours good health. Make the best of your summer.
Happy reading!