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News From the Nest 6/18
Visiting SD Family and Spring Foals
    Howdy, friends!  It's your faithful yarn-spinnin' dudess turned cowgirl perched atop my Tennessee Walker, Superstar.  We're visiting the new babies at our nephew's place in South Dakota, where we pasture our horses.  We have six foals this year--all stud colts.  We should have one more on the way.  I'm hoping for a girl.
Here's a shot of our herd in the pasture.  In my next book, RIDE A PAINTED PONY, Nick Red Shield talks about his pasture being the perfect habitat for his mustangs.  This is what he's talking about. 

        Babies!  The Paint mare (left) and her beautiful colt are good examples of the kind of horses Nick Red Shield wants to raise.  Mind you, his mares are descendants of the legendary herd of Indian mustangs the Army confiscated from Sitting Bull back in the late 19th century after he returned to ND from Canada.  The horses were sold, but they escaped to freedom in the ND Badlands. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, everyone is amazed with the big mare (right) who is mysteriously raising two babies.  We think she adopted the Paint--either because the half-Welsh mare mysteriously without a colt abandoned him or deferred to a stronger female.  

     And finally, here's my brother-in-law giving his own Paints a nice shower on a hot spring day.  Glen has some very pretty mares, and don't think there isn't a teeny bit of friendly rivalry between brothers over who has the the best horses. 

In RIDE A PAINTED PONY you'll meet Nick Red Shield's partner, Dillon Black, who's such a strong character that I've decided he deserves his own book.  Until my next installment, Happy Trails!