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Looking Back, Thinking Ahead


       MYSTIC HORSEMAN hits the stands on March 1, and you can get it now from Amazon.  If you've read RIDE A PAINTED PONY, you know that Nick Red Shield has a partner who has his own story.  As soon as I d written the scene in which Nick says that Dillon burned his own house down, I started thinking about Dillon as the hero of his own book. 

I'd already fallen in love with him as a secondary character, and I had to know why he did what he did, where he would go now, how he would get there.  He has dreams--witness the old church building he hauled into Nick's yard--and he needs a home of his own.   Check out the teasers and the interview for MYSTIC HORSEMAN and see if you aren't just as intrigued by Dillon Black and his family as I am.  Doubleday Book Club chose MYSTIC HORSEMAN as a main selection for Rhapsody, which means they think readers are going to be pleased. 

Looking back at 2007, among the highlights were my writer friends.  I've been a happy rider in a terrific blog we call "Riding With the Top Down," and five of the nine of us got together for breakfast last summer in Dallas during the annual Romance Writers of America conference.  Next to me (front left) is Helen Brenna, author of sever super Superromances and NASCAR love stories; Christie Ridgway (top left) and Cindy Gerard (top center) both write romantic suspense; longtime friend Betina Krahn (top right) won the RITA for best historical romance shortly after this picture was taken.

This one was taken at a local library fundraiser in October.  Seated here are two more of our Riders:  Lois Greiman, author of both historical romances and a mystery series featuring a spunky psychologist; Michele Hauf writes historicals, contemporary romances, and a wonderful collection of paranormal romances.  There I am in my favorite color again, flanked by another longtime buddy, Judy Baer, who writes Christian romance.  Judy and I go back more years than we care to count.  So we simply say, we've been BFF.

Romance Writers of America is all about networking.  Judy and I attended our first conference back in 1983.  (We were just kids.)  Here (right) you see (l to r) Judy, Kathleen, Thea Divine, and Betina waiting for the award program to start.

   Judy and I were RITA finalists.

  Leslie Wainger edited RIDE A PAINTED PONY, which was a finalist for best single title contemporary.  Leslie edited my first book, published in 1984, and many since then.  She's one of the best in the biz.

Now, back to the future.  We're having good indoor writing weather here in Minnesota, so I'm hard at work on a new book.   Take a peek at the concept, wish me luck, and I'm on my way.  I'll keep you posted.

Happy New Year!