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News From the Nest 12/06
RIDE A PAINTED PONY For the Holidays!


  Flash!  My son made a cool audio slide show, now available right here with the help of YouTube.  Use the "New! Kathleen Reads" tab near the top of the nav bar column--it'll take you right there.  I took the pictures myself on hero Nick Red Shield's ranch (actually my husband's family's land) in South Dakota last summer.  All the horses belong either to us or to my husband's brother.  Let me know what you think of this medium.  We have a couple more to put up here for you. 

RIDE A PAINTED PONY is available now, just in time for the holidays, and it's already getting some fine reviews.  If you like that sort of thing, here's one at "Fresh Fiction" that gives a good feel for the book.  You can still catch my interview at Riding With theTop Down (my really cool group author blog) and--exciting news--I'm guest blogging on Squawk Radio, the mother of all group romance autor blogs--on December 12.  Squawk is hosted by 6 wonderful romance authors, including my dear friend, Connie Brockway, whose brand new HOT DISH is simply delicious.  I hope you'll check out my guest spot.  We'll be discussing wounded heroes, among other things.


Recognize these girls?  Yes, a few of my vitange Barbies dressed for the holidays.  And what are they doing?  Why, they're Riding a Painted Pony.  The book has only been out about two weeks, and already we have something to celebrate. 


This is the 5th time one of my books has been named to their annual top 5 list.  My lucky number, 5.  Well, ONE of my lucky numbers.  I like six.  And seven.  Eight is great.  Nine is fine....


I had another birthday last month.  Happens every year, long about the 8th day of the 11th month (another good number, 11).  Birthday lunch with Prairie Writer's Guild in also an annual occasion.  Meet (L to R) Pamela Bauer, Ana Seymour (aka, Mary B), yours truly, and Judy Baer.  Missing is our ND buddy, Sandy Huseby.  Waving at'cha, Sandy!  

Most recent appearance:  Deep Valley Book Festival in Mankato, MN with two of my blog buddies and longtime fellow Midwest Fiction Writer members, Michele Hauf (far left) and Lois Greiman (far right).  They both write historical romance AND they both write contemporary romantic suspense.  Two very busy ladies.  Click their names to visit their websites and get the scoop.  And here I am moderating our Fiction panel.  Good times!