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News From the Nest 6/05

     Here's a bit of weather trivia:  Which state gets more sunny days than any other?  Answer (according to "Today Show" weather):  North Dakota.  South Dakota has to be right up there, too, except in the Black Hills.  So we headed for the Dakotas and Standing Rock Nation over Memorial Day, escaping cloudy, rainy Minnesota to do the annual grave-cleaning chores for the Eagle plots at St. Elizabeth's Mission.  It was 36 years ago this month that Clyde and I met at St. Elizabeth's.  Hard to believe it's been that long ago.  Wasn't Woodstock only yesterday?  First walk on the moon?  Same summer.  Anyway, the mowing and sprucing up had already been done by the time we arrived, leaving us plenty of time to play with the horses we keep out there at Clyde's nephew's place.

My Tennessee Walking Horse, Superstar, had her baby on May 4.  Here I am, petting him for the first time.  Look at those legs!  His father is a black and white paint TWH.  I rode Superstar just a bit.  She was more interested in looking after her baby than she was me, so it was a brief ride.  Clyde was able to help out with another nephew's branding--a chore he dearly loves.  Remember the branding scene in the movie "The Horse Whisperer"?  Much like that.  I usually sit around and take notes or visit.  I made lots of notes this trip as the germ of an idea for a new book started jumping up and down in my brain.  [Note about "The Horse Whisperer":  in my opinion, the movie was far superior to the book, which is unusual.  Redford changed the focus of story dramatically, cutting out that whole ridiculous last part of the book.]

Back home, we spent a gorgeous Monday on nearby Lake Minnetonka, where our pontoon is docked for the summer.  The "Mary Virginia" is named for my mother, who loved the beach, boating, ocean, water of any kind.  Our 12-year-old Australian Shephered is waiting impatiently for me to take the darn picture and get aboard.  We were joined by our daughter and her husband.  We cruised all day and only covered a fraction of the huge lake.  They fished.  I worked.  No kidding, I can work anywhere.  Just watch...

tn_Img0044.JPG   tn_Img0045.jpg   Feet up, blood to the brain,

                                                   words flow.

More hints about A VIEW OF THE RIVER coming soon. 

                             Enjoy Summer!