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Romance Writers of America RITA Award Finalist


Book 1 in Kathleen's latest series

Keeping the people of his Rocky Mountain hometown safe is Sheriff Sam Beaudry's top priority.  But his quiet life suddenly comes under scrutiny when a young stranger shows up at the door of his mother's store, claiming that Hilda Beaudry is her grandmother.

Maggie Whiteside has never known a man like Sam--the kind a woman and her young son might truly count on.  But their budding relationship will be put to the test when his past rides into town on a Greyhound Bus.  Now Maggie must decide for herself who Sam really is.  As for Sam, how much of his battered heart is he willing to risk?

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Kathleen is going back to her roots with three brand new books from Silhouette Special Edition.  The stories are connected and will be featured titles within Special Edition line.  IN CARE OF SAM BEAUDRY goes on sale April 28, 2009, followed by ONE COWBOY, ONE CHRISTMAS in late November.  COOL HAND HAND (working title) is a work in progress.  Three contemporary Westerns, featuring the Kathleen's favorite hero--that wonderful Indian cowboy.

Sam Beaudry returned to his home town of Bear Root, Montana after a long sojourn in a world that didn't suit him.  He would have been perfectly happy to serve as Bear Root County sheriff while he builds his home in the mountains.  He'd had enough of wine, women, and heartache.   But then he'd met Maggie, and he was beginning to think maybe...

In a small town like Bear Root, Montana, people stop whatever they’re doing when the Rescue Squad siren blows.  For nurse Maggie Whiteside, it's a call to action.  Little does she know that she's about to jump in the ambulance with a patient whose secrets will change her life.

Read the first few pages and let Sam and Maggie draw you into their story...