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 Logan Wolf Track, a man on a mission...









            The bare-faced loner with the long, brown hair and the distance runner’s body was a woman apart.  She was no fence-sitter, no small-talker, no crowd-joiner.  She had come for the horses and nothing else. 

            Logan Wolf Track liked her already.

            He would likely change his mind before the day was over, but being drawn to her at first sight counted for something.  His hard-earned instincts rarely failed him.  He knew a kindred spirit when he saw one.  Whether he could work with her, kindred or otherwise, was something else.  Twenty thousand dollars worth of something else, he told himself as he approached the woman. 

            He had come for the horses and the money.

           South Dakota’s Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary was filled to capacity with horses the Bureau of Land Management had placed in the care of sisters Sally Drexler and Ann Drexler Beaudry, but the horse-loving women—particularly Sally—were hell-bent on making room for more.   A bottle-neck in the BLM’s wild horse adoption program—plenty of adoptees, few adopters—had the ever-resourceful Sally coming up with a plan for every letter in the alphabet. 

            Logan wanted in on her latest production.  Thanks to Ann’s rich brother-in-law, Sally had found a sponsor for “Mustang Sally’s Makeover Challenge.”  Trainers had three months show the world that wild horses could be made into excellent mounts.  The reward had Logan’s name written all over it.  Not only the cash, but the cachet.  His way with horses was like no one else’s, and he’d written a book on the subject.  Not that he’d sold many copies, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t a great book.  All his training method needed was a little publicity, and winning Sally’s contest could bring him that. 

            Unfortunately, Sally had thrown him a curve. 

             In the shape of an hourglass.


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