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February 1, 2010 (Silhouette Special Edition)


It’s Hank Night Horse’s first gig as a groomsman.  He’s never even attended a real wedding, but if it takes a walk down the aisle to get his friend Zach Beaudry to walk away from professional bull riding while his legs will still carry him, then Hank’s his man. As a rodeo physician’s assistant Hank has helped patch Zach up more than once. He knows it takes more than doctor’s orders to get a cowboy to quit, and  Ann Drexler is just what the doctor ordered. 

Her sister, Sally, is something else. She’s brassy, bossy, boisterous—hardly Hank’s type. Zach should know better than to try to nudge Hank in Sally’s direction. 
But it's Sally's plan--not Zach's--that piques Hank's interest.  All she's asking for is three weeks.  What can happen in three weeks?
Wouldn't you like to know....

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