News From the Nest 3/1/05
What's Up?

  Updated March 1, '05

NIGHT FALLS LIKE SILK is now available in affordable paperback--March 2005!  The new cover features the very same Minneapolis scene used on the hardcover, but the treatment shouts Romantic Suspense.  This is Tommy T's story.  Like his hero in THE NIGHT REMEMBERS, Thomas Warrior has an urban "lair," but he prefers to live above the city rather than beneath it.  And he has an alter-ego, who has his own secret place.  Attractive, yes, and certainly mysterious, but what woman dares to get involved with such a man?  Don't miss these lovely examples of old ledger drawings.

My September release from Mira Books will be a paperback original, and it now has a face.  A VIEW OF THE RIVER is the story of Ojibwe holy man ("medicine man" is the more common non-Indian term) Birch Trueblood, who's a bit cynical about many of the "New Age" devotees of Indian spirituality.  Then he and his daughter get themselves snowbound with the women of Rosewood, the estate that was built 100 years ago by the lumber baron who was indirectly responsible for the tragic removal of Birch's ancestors from their home on the shores of beautiful Lake Mille Lacs.  In the coming months I'll post lots of pictures and anecdotes about this story, which was inspired by a real Victorian estate (site of my younger son's wedding!) and the real histoy of Mille Lacs.  Stay tuned!  

How do you like my Christmas present?  During our 34 years of marriage, my husband has given me several horses, but I do believe Superstar (right) might just be the prettiest girl yet.  She's a Tennessee Walker.  At this point in my life, I need a nice, easy ride, and that's what I get from Superstar.  She came to me all the way from Spokane, WA.