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New Release (February 2016) - PRIVATE TREATY                        


The revised edition of my first historical novel, PRIVATE TREATY. I'm really excited about this event. It was first published in 1989, one of two historicals chosen to launch the Harlequin Historicals line. Bell Bridge Books allowed me to revise it heavily for style, so much so that it has a 2016 copyright. It was a good book in 1989, and now it's even better. Read a few pages and see if you're tempted to check out any of these:

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If the title sounds familiar, it's because a) you're a fellow Boomer and you remember the song or b) you vaguely remember reading the first edition more than 25 years ago when it was an RWA RITA finalist. So it was a good book. This new edition is newly revised. I've made a beloved best seller so much better. It's available in trade paperback and e-book, and if you check out these sites, you can sample a taste and buy if you like:

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News From the Nest

Kathleen's Loft Literary Center Classes scheduled for winter and spring, 2016.

PRIVATE TREATY wil be released in January from Bell Bridge Books. I'll be celebrating all over creation when that happens. It was my first historical, and it came out so long ago (Harlequin Historicals #2) you'd have to be Methuselah to remember. I love this baby even more now that I've totally revised it to meet my own ever-elevating standard. I swear, I get better with age! More news when I have a firm release date.

  I love this!  I'm pinning places and details that inspire my writing along with some of my own pictures, including birthday party decorations from parties I've done for my granddaughters.  We do themes--Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, Red Carpet--more is more when it comes to birthday parties!

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